Lake Powell Utah

The 7 Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Utah

Utah is a magnificent and unique state with deserts and beautiful alpine lakes, rugged red rock, massive snowy mountains, and 3.5 distinct geographical regions. No wonder it has a population of 3.206 million. Who wouldn’t want to live in a state with 12000 years in human history? Most famous for skiing there is so much […]

Lake McDonald

The 6 Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Montana

Montana is the 4th largest state and 3rd most populated state, located right under the Canadian border. It is called the treasure state because of its rich deposits of minerals. The state has two significant geographical landscapes, and that’s the rocky mountains and the great plains. Humans started life in Montana about 7,000 years ago […]

tubing with an inflatable cooler

The Best Inflatable Floating Cooler For Cold Drinks on the Water

Remember when your parents would take you to the lake or pool on a hot summer day. The ground would be so hot you would be tippy-toeing to the water. Yet, when you finally made it, it was the best sensation in the world. The only problem was if you got thirsty, you only had […]

The Best Sun Shirt for Outdoor Sun Protection

Whether you spend your summers lazing on the beach or tackling the ocean’s waves on your paddleboard, you are exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation greatly increases your chances of developing skin cancer, though there is good news: you can still enjoy outdoor activities while limiting your risks […]

dog with a sun hat on

The Best Sun Hat to Play Outside and on the Water

The glorious stand up paddle boarding season in the summer’s sun has come once again. When it comes to paddle boarding season, one thing that must be understood is that it is importance of protecting against extended time being exposed to the sun for hours on end. Sure, a tanned body may look attractive, but […]

roto-molded cooler on a paddle board

The Best Hard-Sided Cooler for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of the fastest-growing outdoor sports is stand up paddle boarding because a paddle board can be used for multiple activities like paddling, cruising, and fishing. During those hot summer says it’s no surprise to see the majority of the paddles with a cooler on cooler on board. One of the most important accessories to […]

The Best Waterproof Headphones for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up Paddle Boarding is one of the best summer activities to get away and relax while getting some light exercise. However, SUP is even more enjoyable when you can listen to your favorite music and not have to worry about any water damage. Waterproof speakers are a great way to listen to music when […]