Inflatable Island

The 6 Best Inflatable Island Rafts for Ultimate Floating Fun

Is there anything better than relaxing on the water with family and friends? When you go to the beach or lake, you want to relax spend quality time with loved ones. Bringing an inflatable island with you to the water lets you do both.  A floating island lets multiple people relax on the water. It […]

tubing with an inflatable cooler

The Best Inflatable Floating Cooler For Cold Drinks on the Water

Remember when your parents would take you to the lake or pool on a hot summer day. The ground would be so hot you would be tippy-toeing to the water. Yet, when you finally made it, it was the best sensation in the world. The only problem was if you got thirsty, you only had […]

Paddle board surfing on the river

The Best Inflatable River Surfing Paddle Board for Whitewater SUP

For some, the idea of racing down a whitewater current while standing on a board may seem like trying to keep balance on a banana peel. But for others, whitewater surfing on an inflatable paddle board–whitewater SUP–offers an enticing alternative to traditional whitewater sports such as kayaking and rafting: equally thrilling with a little less […]

Inflatable Float: The Best Floats for Relaxing on the Water

The warm weather has a way of stirring the inner adventurer in all of us. Maybe you’re one who enjoys catching waves on a surf or paddle board or maybe you prefer to float along in the cool water with a good book, a cold beverage, and the sound of your loved ones splashing in […]