Stand Up Paddle Boarder in Winter

Winter Paddle Boarding: Tips To Enjoy the Best Time of Year to Paddle Board

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Best tips for Winter Stand Up Paddle Boarding to Stay Warm, Stay Safe, and to Have FunCalm waters, beautiful views, fewer people.  Does that sound amazing to you? Then take a look into enjoying your paddleboard during the winter months. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a popular sport in the summer and warmer months, but winter is one of the best times to go. As long as you are prepared for the cold, the winter can be a perfect paddle boarding adventure.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Winter

Stay Warm - Neoprene Gloves and Booties

Safety is always first and foremost of what you need to focus on. In order to paddle board in the winter, you need to dress appropriately to keep warm. Picking out the right outfits that will keep you warm and protect you from the elements is a priority. The BPS gloves and BPS Storm booties protect from the elements and cold making them a perfect complement to your wardrobe. Stay on the water longer by keeping your extremities warm.

Take a Camera - Winter Views of Solitude for Instagram

winter paddle boarding lake tahoe

Sharing and capturing your adventure is a must. We recommend the Go Pro Hero 7. With the hyper smooth stabilization features, you can take incredible 4k 60fps even while your paddle board is in motion. Go hands-free by adding a head strap and utilize the voice activation features. Share your adventures of paddle boarding with live streaming on Facebook as well and since the go pro hero 7 is completely waterproof and dustproof, you won’t need to worry if you end up in the water.

Go Pro Hero 7 for SUP

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The Best SUP for Winter -Thicker and More Stable

Along with staying warm, you should utilize a thicker paddle board to help prevent your feet from getting wet. During parts of the winter season, the waters may be a little rough, so we recommend a board such as the Isle Explorer. With it’s 6” durable military-grade PVC, it can handle the rougher waters while keeping you upright during the winter months. The better stable and better water clearance make this board a great choice for winter and summer SUP.

Isle Explorer Paddle Board

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Prepare to be Alone on the Water

Part of the joy of paddle boarding during the winter months is the peace, quiet, and solitude. With fewer people, be prepared to have your cell phone on you in case of emergencies. Enjoy the quiet and relax, but be reassured you have what you need to get in touch with someone in case you need to. We recommend taking a dry back to keep your cell phone close. The Earth Pak dry bag can is waterproof, most can float, and can protect the gear you need close like a cell phone, keys, safety whistle, or any walkie talkies.

earth pak dry bag for SUP

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Stay Close to Shore

Winter paddle boarding is not necessarily for the beginner. Though in some areas, the water might be calm, in others it might get rougher during the colder months. When the water is rough, it may make it more difficult for you to get back to shore easily, so it’s best to stay within easy access to the shoreline. If it gets dark faster than you thought or the water gets rougher faster then expected you can easily get back to sore or even swim if you had to.

Use a Leash - Don't Lose Your Board

After spending the money on a great paddle board, you don’t want to lose it. We recommend the BPS Storm SUP Leash for the durability. For less than $15 you want to protect your investment in your hobby making it an easy purchase for confidence. With possible winter rough waters, there may be a higher chance of falling, so having this light-weight leash attached to your ankle will give you peace of mind without feeling like you are locked in.

BPS storm SUP Leash

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Don't Forget to Protect Your Eyes

The last thing you want to happen is being blinded by the sun reflecting off the surface of the water or snow. One after staring at the sun’s glare on the snow without glasses is brutal. Polarized sunglasses are the best option for the best visibility while you are on the water. We recommend using an inexpensive polarized pair in case you lose them which is why we love the Kaliyadi sunglasses. They have different lens options so you can pick out which ones you prefer for your activity. Light-weight, durable, and reasonably priced is definitely important when you are looking to protect your eyes.

Kaliyadi sunglasses for Winter SUP

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Have a Plan To Get Warm After

With as much time you take to plan for your time on the water, make sure to prepare yourself in the same fashion for when you come off. We almost always fight over the Eleven’s Portable Heated Blanket once we get to the car. Also, have a set of dry clothing, a blanket, maybe a warm drink or soup for all ready to go. You don’t want to ruin an incredible day by having to drive back cold and wet! If you do get wet it’s important to change into dry clothes to avoid windchill.

elevens portable heated blanket for SUP

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The key to any adventure is to make sure you are prepared.  From your head down to your feet, having the correct equipment for what you are trying to do can make the experience a lot more enjoyable.  Don’t be afraid of enjoying your paddle board during the winter, gear up correctly and head out.

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