The Best Paddle Board Wall Rack for SUP Storage

Finding the “right” paddle board can take time, patience, and usually quite the financial investment. But, once you find “the one,” it is important to take care and make storage of your board a priority. Proper storage and care for paddle boards are essential to the longevity of your board, but there are many options […]

The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Under $1000

With stand up paddle boarding on the rise in these last few years, there are some incredible new designs coming onto the market.  It all began with the hard fiberglass or epoxy paddle board. While we love these hard boards for SUP surfing, speed, and agility, inflatable boards offer greater flexibility in travel, extreme durability, […]

inflatable belt PFD

5 Best Inflatable PFD for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You’ve been venturing further from shore, experiencing the freedom of exploring beautiful remote places on your paddle board. You’re not alone. With this recent boom in the number of SUPers traveling further from shore, the Coast Guard established some safety regulations. When outside a surfing, swimming, or bathing area, a paddle board is considered a […]

best inflatable paddle board for beginners

The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards for Beginners

Stand up paddle boarding has become a very popular activity for a day on the water. It’s a fun activity for the family, and inexpensive once you have the appropriate gear. Whether by the lake, river, or ocean, there’s a lot of ways to try stand up paddle boarding. If you’re planning to try it […]

picture of the stand up paddle board gear to wear

What To Wear Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular anywhere there’s warm weather and water. You can paddle board on rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It’s important when you go paddle boarding that you’re dressed right for it so that you can enjoy yourself. It’s important to consider the sun and wind whenever you’re doing something outdoors, and […]

Lake Tahoe Paddle Board

Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Northern California

California is a paddle boarding mecca. It is hands down one of the top places to visit if you want to SUP. California has miles and miles of coastline, scenic rivers, and gorgeous mountain lakes. It has such diverse types of water for stand up paddle boarding that we recommend getting a board that can […]

Winter paddle boarding in the US

The Best Locations for Winter Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Western US

When a person thinks about the great outdoors they often imagine lush greenery, wild meadows filled with flowers, and blue skies. However, for those enthusiasts who simply love being outside, no matter the time of year offers equally fantastic and breath-taking views. Winter paddle boarding is a fantastic way to get away and absorb these breath-taking […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarder in Winter

Winter Paddle Boarding: Tips To Enjoy the Best Time of Year to Paddle Board

Calm waters, beautiful views, fewer people.  Does that sound amazing to you? Then take a look into enjoying your paddleboard during the winter months. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a popular sport in the summer and warmer months, but winter is one of the best times to go. As long as you are prepared for […]

Winter stand Up Paddle Boarding

Winter Paddle Boarding: The Best Gear for Winter SUP

Gear up and head out!  It might be cold, and the water may be a little rough, but if you get the correct gear together, you will be set and can spend the winter on your Stand Up Paddle Board. Get away from the crowds and enjoy the magnificent views and don’t let cold weather […]