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Paddle Boarding has exploded in recent years. With over 100s of Paddle Boards available to buy on Amazon alone it can be hard to find the Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for you and your family. Here on you’ll find everything you need to choose the perfect Paddle Boards for your next adventure.

Winter Paddle Boarding

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Paddle Board Surfing

How to SUP in High Surf and Bigger Waves

Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUP can be fun. However, one of the biggest problems, if you don’t have access to a calm body of water, …

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tubing with an inflatable cooler

The Best Inflatable Floating Cooler For Cold Drinks on the Water

Remember when your parents would take you to the lake or pool on a hot summer day. The ground would be so hot you would …

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Paddle board surfing on the river

The Best Inflatable River Surfing Paddle Board for Whitewater SUP

For some, the idea of racing down a whitewater current while standing on a board may seem like trying to keep balance on a banana …

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The Best Sun Shirt for Outdoor Sun Protection

Whether you spend your summers lazing on the beach or tackling the ocean’s waves on your paddleboard, you are exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet …

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Inflatable Float: The Best Floats for Relaxing on the Water

The warm weather has a way of stirring the inner adventurer in all of us. Maybe you’re one who enjoys catching waves on a surf …

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dog with a sun hat on

The Best Sun Hat to Play Outside and on the Water

The glorious stand up paddle boarding season in the summer’s sun has come once again. When it comes to paddle boarding season, one thing that …

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